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Things You May Not Know About Locksmiths and Their Work

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The reality is that when it comes to locksmiths, many people have a misunderstanding of what they are capable of. As with any profession, there are myths and these things end up being passed along until they seem like the truth. While a locksmith is certainly the person to do that “car key replacement near me,” there are many other things these professionals can do. In this article, we are going to shed light on some things you may not know about locksmiths and what they do every day. We’ll also share some secrets and debunk some myths for you, as well.

Myths About Locksmiths

Almost everyone has heard some of the myths about locksmiths, and many people aren’t sure what is reality and what isn’t. While we can’t go over every single misconception out there, we can talk about some of the most common myths and what the actual reality is. This might give you helpful information the next time you need a car key replacement near me.

1. Locksmiths Keep Copies of Keys

This is the absolute most common myth about locksmiths. Individuals assume that when a locksmith comes out to make you a spare key, they keep a copy for themselves. This is completely untrue. A professional locksmith is never going to keep a copy of your key or even a pattern for that key. When they come out to make a key for you, they will trace a pattern to make the new key. However, both the new key and the pattern should be provided to you when the work is done. Most locksmiths will go through the entire process with you present, so you can see that nothing nefarious is going on. This is something you do not have to stress about.

2. Locksmiths Only Provide Help at Residential Locations

While most locksmiths do offer services for residential locations, that is far from the only thing that they are capable of. Some locksmiths specialize in residential lock needs, but not all do that. The guy or girl doing the car key replacement near me is likely specialized in vehicle locksmith. Another locksmith may largely provide services to commercial businesses. There are even locksmiths who contract to law enforcement agencies to help with forensic investigation regarding crimes where a break-in has occurred. So, while many locksmiths do residential work, that is not the only possible specialization.

3. Locksmiths Are Available All Day Every Day

This isn’t quite a myth, but it isn’t quite accurate either. There are thousands of locksmiths out there who do offer their services 24/7. However, that does not mean that every single independent locksmith and every single locksmith company has those hours available. There are locksmiths who work a traditional 9 to 5 workday. There are other locksmiths who may only work in the evening and at night. That said, some of the best locksmith companies do have workers available at all times. Many of the companies you consider will offer that, so you don’t have to worry about being out of luck if you drop your keys in a sewer grate at two am after a night at the club. But you need to at least ask about hours before assuming a locksmith company has hours at all times and on every day of the year.

4. Locksmiths All Have Access To and Use the Exact Same Tools

It might seem like common sense that every locksmith would have the same tools that are of the same quality, but this is another myth. An individual who is new to the industry and working on their own might not have all the modern tools and those they do have might be of moderate quality. On the other hand, when you choose the person who is doing “car key replacement near me,” if they are with a reputable company, they are likely to have high-quality professional grade tools for nearly any locksmith need.

5. Locksmiths Only Provide Estimates in Person

While there are many contractors who offer various services that only provide an estimate in person, this may not apply to every locksmith out there. Locksmiths who do many of the same services day after day are often able to provide an estimate over the phone. However, you do need to keep in mind that if the information you provide is not accurate or there are extra services needed, the estimate may not be the amount you pay in the end. If your favorite locksmith offering “car key replacement near me” offers phone quotes, great. If not, it may be worth having them come out to give you a price based on having all the information needed.

Interesting Facts About Locks, Keys, and Your Locksmiths

Now that we have provided you with information about some of the most common myths about locksmiths, we want to share some little-known facts you may not be aware of. Even if you know the basics of what locksmiths do or even how locks operate, there are probably pieces of knowledge that you do not have. There may also be misconceptions you have that should be cleared up, so we’ll do a bit of that as well.

Do Not Duplicate Keys Are Not Legally Protected

If you have a key which states “do not duplicate” or some other similar wording, you might believe that this means doing so would be illegal. That actually is not accurate. There is no law that protects these keys. However, there is security protection by virtue of this marking. If you have a key with this or another phrase like it and you take it in to a locksmith to have it duplicated, it isn’t going to be a simple procedure. A professional locksmith will not take the key and make you a copy based on simply your word. Instead, the person is going to need verification from the key owner that a duplication should be made. In some cases, this may require verbal verification and in others it might mean that a written request on letterhead is needed. Make sure to contact the locksmith before trying to get a key like this duplicated or you may waste a lot of time.

Removing a Broken Key is Not as Simple as Using a Magnet

There are myths out there that you can quickly and easily remove a broken key from a lock with nothing more than a magnet or a dab of superglue. Neither of these solutions are going to work in most cases. It is a much better decision to call a locksmith with the proper tools to take care of the problem. As far as the magnet technique goes, there are two reasons it isn’t going to do the job. The first is because most keys are made out of brass, which is not attracted by a magnet. In addition, the key is lodged in the locking mechanism so it’s not as simple as a magnet pulling it out. When it comes to superglue, this is not going to work either. In fact, it is likely to damage your lock which is going to make the repair process more intensive and expensive.

Not All Deadbolts Offer the Same Security

While a deadbolt is a fantastic option for a home or building, that doesn’t mean that every deadbolt is as good as the next. Deadbolts can come in grade one, two, and three. A grade three deadbolt lock is going to be the most inexpensive, but it is also not going to provide more than a minimum of security to your dwelling. Moving up to a grade two lock is an improvement and may be the best compromise between higher-security and not being overly expensive. The grade three lock is the most high-quality. It is also going to offer you the best security. It might seem like the obvious decision to buy a grade three deadbolt, but these are the most expensive option.

Always Try the Simple Solution Before Moving On

You might be surprised to find out how common it is for someone to find themselves locked out of a car or house and immediately call a locksmith only to later find out that a door or window was unlocked and could have provided access. While being in a situation where you are locked out can be scary and may cause you some degree of anxiety, it’s always a good idea to take a moment to calm down and consider the options you have available. Have you checked the garage door or back door to see if it allows entrance? Are there any windows that are unlocked and easily accessed? Either of these things can save you a lot of time and money that would go toward hiring a professional locksmith. Don’t forget the small solutions that might make an emergency a blip rather than something that takes up hours of your day.

Every Locksmith is an Expert and Can Quickly Solve Your Problem

While many locksmiths are licensed, bonded, and insured, some of them aren’t. There are people who bill themselves as locksmiths who don’t have the proper knowledge or who don’t have access to the best tools to take care of your problems. This is one of the reasons that it is essential to research your options, rather than simply calling the person on the first locksmith advertisement that you see. On top of that, some services just take longer than others do. When you call a locksmith for a car key replacement near me, that is going to take some amount of time to provide. If you have an especially unique or secure key, that may take longer. Opening a door is also likely to take less time than having to install a brand-new lock. That means that the time it takes and the cost it ensures is going to vary based on the situation.

There Are Mistakes to Avoid When Using Your Safe

Sometimes, people who own safes make simple mistakes that can cause the safe not to open right away. Before you call up a locksmith who specializes in opening safes, take a moment to try again. It is not uncommon for someone to spin the dial on a safe too quickly, leading to it not opening. People also make the mistake of trying to pull the safe open before it’s entirely unlocked. Another common problem is shoving a safe closed when it won’t do so on its own. If safe isn’t working correctly, slow down and try again. Don’t force anything. If the safe will not close, check to see if something is holding it open. If you do these things and still have an issue, that’s the point when you want to reach out to a locksmith in your area.

Basic Locks from Home Improvement Stores Aren’t Very Secure

It’s simple to stop by a home improvement store to pick up a new lock. Many of them are even easily installed if you prefer to do it on your own. The problem is that many of the mass-produced locks you will find there aren’t of the highest quality. Just like deadbolts, there are various grades of locks. If you install one that is grade one, it isn’t going to do a whole lot to keep intruders out of your home. At the very least, upgrade to a grade two lock for better security at your home or business. Another alternative is to purchase locks from a locksmith, who will know the best brands to keep you safe and secure.

Now that you have had some of the myths about locks and locksmiths uncovered, you’ll be better prepared to secure your home, vehicle, or business. If you need that “car key replacement near me,” find a reputable locksmith and get it done. You have the information that you need to make a great decision and get the high-quality service that you deserve.


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