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Prices For Locksmith Services

$25 Locksmith service call fee plus labor and hardware costs

Prices for locksmith services will be explained in detail by our professional technician. Please Note: The total amount will be a $25 locksmith service call fee plus Labor Costs and Materials Costs (if purchased). Also, please take into consideration that our dispatchers will only give an approximate estimate of the cost for the service, based on a description of the issue given by the consumer. The actual difficulty or service may differ once our technician examines your issue, therefore the costs can vary.

Locksmith Services Estimated Cost in Indianapolis, IN

Prices For Locksmith Services

Basic Fee 
Service Call Fee – Trip Charge$25 (fixed)
Other Fees 
Re-Keyingstarting at $49*
Lockout Service: Commercial, Residential, Vehiclestarting at $85*
Changing Out Locksstarting at $135*
New Installation (Door without a cut out for the lock)starting at $250*
Vehicle Key Makingstarting at $129*
$189 with transponder*
Ignition Change Outstarting at $295**
Transponder Key Re-Programming (Key with a chip)starting at $185**
Automotive Key Extraction (The key is broke off or stuck in the ignition or car door lock)starting at a non-refundable $95**

*Cost is a minimum estimate for the service. The final cost can vary. It will depend on the security level of the lock.

**Cost is a minimum estimate for the service. Every key or ignition is differently built and cut, so the final cost can vary. It will depend on the difficulty of the job and programming cost if required.

Cheapest Locksmith Near Me

Finding the cheapest locksmith near you isn’t always easy, but it is worth the effort. Not only can you save money on services like lockout, lock installation, new car keys, door lock replacements, and more – but you’ll also receive quality service from an experienced and trustworthy locksmith professional. Research online for customer reviews and look for locksmiths that have a proven track record of excellence and are known for providing reliable service at great prices. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when searching for a locksmith near you.

Emergency Locksmith Prices

Need a locksmith in an emergency? It’s hard to know what kind of prices you’ll be looking at until you call. Luckily, many emergency locksmiths are now offering flat-rate prices for their services. This way, there are no surprises when it comes to the cost of your service. On top of that, many locksmiths who specialize in emergency situations provide fast and reliable service – so you don’t have to wait forever for help. For those needing an urgent fix, paying a flat fee for emergency help is a great way to avoid financial surprises and get the help you need quickly.

Why Do Locksmiths Charge So Much?

Locksmiths charge a premium to cover their training, expertise, and materials. Becoming certified locksmith requires extensive education and experience, both of which take time to acquire. Additionally, they typically carry specialized tools and parts needed to unlock or repair all types of security systems including mechanical locks, keyless entry systems, and safes. Furthermore, they provide emergency services when the situation arises; something that is invaluable at times when security isn’t accessible at conventional hours. Therefore, the charge for their services is highly justified when you consider what they are actually providing.

Car Locksmith Price

Depending on the type of service provided, car locksmith prices can vary widely. Whether you need a new key created or an old locked opened, it is important to research and ask questions to ensure you get the best service for the best rate. An experienced car locksmith will be able to provide all the necessary services at a reasonable cost without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, if your current situation requires a quicker response time than usual, some locksmiths will offer discounts for faster services. Taking the time to look around and determine who will deliver superior service at a fair price is always worth the effort.

High Security Commercial Locks

High security commercial locks are a great way to ensure your business is properly protected. They provide superior protection compared to traditional locks, as the combination of their electronic components and spool pins create a virtually unbreakable system of defense. Not only will this protect your assets, but it also provides peace of mind knowing that your clients’ data and valuables are safe against even determined attempts at breaking-and-entering. Installation is easy and quick, with most models able to be integrated with existing access systems or alarms. So invest in a high security commercial lock today and rest assured that your business will be well protected from any would-be criminals.

Local Locksmith Service Provider

When you’re looking for a reliable local locksmith, you can trust Mobile Locksmith Indianapolis, Indianapolis area’s leading service provider. They offer a wide selection of cutting-edge locking solutions that are both cost-effective and secure. Their experienced team of locksmiths are professionally trained to handle any residential, automotive or commercial needs that you might have. They take pride in the quality of their work, always delivering top rated customer service while providing thorough security analysis and advice to ensure optimal protection. This makes them the perfect choice for anybody who is looking for dependable, quality lock and keys in the local area.