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House Lockout

Few things are more frustrating than being locked out of your own home. This is your home—how dare it betray you by keeping you from getting inside to the comfort of your sofa, your bed, and perhaps even your pets.

A female uses a key to unlock the door. Prevent house lockout.
A female uses a key to unlock the door. Prevent house lockout.

House Lockout

A house lockout is frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. For starters, you can call our friendly mobile locksmiths 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all of your lockout needs, including being locked out of your home.

If you’re locked out—read this first! Then call the pros at Mobile Locksmith Indianapolis for expedient, professional assistance.

If you’ve arrived home only to realize that you’re suddenly locked out and unable to locate your key, or perhaps your key broke in the lock—don’t distress. It can be resolved a lot easier than you think with just one call. We handle emergency and appointment-based services for all kinds of locksmithing, from helping you get back into your home when you’re locked out to duplicating keys, rekeying locks, changing locks out entirely, and so much more.

85% of all locksmith calls are emergencies – were not the type of service people plan to need.

And yet, a little bit of planning and preparation on your part can go a long way. Read on to learn more.

Reliable Indianapolis Mobile Locksmith Solutions

Our mobile business means we’ll always have the right equipment for the job and the tools that we need to help you get back into your home. We can help with rekeying locks and installing locks that you’ve purchased from a local home improvement or hardware store. Plus, we can duplicate keys, help you get in after a lockout, and ensure that your home is secure with the latest in locks and related home security solutions.

In addition to unlocking your house, apartment, or other dwellings, we can also assist with unlocking vehicles, commercial locksmithing, and so much more. We’ll even offer a home security assessment to discover just how vulnerable your home is to potential threats. Along with the peace of mind that your home is safe, we can help with the locksmith-related upgrades that you need.

For urgent home lockout situations or more ordinary lock and security concerns, our team is here and ready to help. There’s no job too big or small, and we’ll make sure that we don’t leave until you feel safe, secure, and satisfied with our work. And whether we come right away or right on time, your satisfaction and safety are always our #1 priority. We’ll ensure that you get the solutions that you need and we can work with any budget, no matter how big or small.

Now, let’s look at some common lockout and house lock questions and issues that people have. We are happy to deliver any service that you need, but we find that providing educational resources also goes a long way in helping our customers with all of their lock and key needs.

Common Questions Related to House Lockouts

How can I prevent house lockout situations?

Naturally, you’re a forward thinker and you’re here to find out how to prevent this issue in the future. Even if you’re here because you’re also currently locked out, you’re still reading. Which means you’re still thinking ahead. So let’s talk about how to prevent getting locked out in the first place.

You can choose to leave a key with a neighbor that you trust so that you never are without one. Of course, then you run the risk of said neighbor also not being home, so that’s a factor to consider. Perhaps you’ll consider upgrading to electronic locks with a keypad or biometrics to eliminate the need for a key altogether. Whatever you decide, if you need the help of a trusted locksmith to make the changes, we’re ready and waiting to help however we can!

Is it safe to hide a key outside?

Hiding keys outside under the door mat.

These days, it can be dangerous to do a lot of things we used to do without so much as a second thought, including hiding keys outside the home. Forget the key rocks, the planters, and all the other common (AKA obvious) choices. This is where you need to get creative if you want to help yourself out by having an extra key around.

As mentioned above, you could consider leaving a key with a neighbor. Or, hide a key in a garage that only you have access to, or that only certain members of your family can access. Perhaps you can stash a key in a shed or storage bin with a padlock that uses a key or combination code—it’s all about protecting yourself while still helping yourself prepare for the worst.

Can’t I just leave one of the doors inconspicuously unlocked?

Left the front door open to avoid house lockout.

Too often, people get comfortable where they live. They start to feel like maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they just left the door unlocked for a five-minute run to the store. Perhaps that proved successful, so a longer trip is taken next time. Eventually, you’ll get to a place where you are comfortable leaving your home vulnerable for hours on end, and that’s when things can get dangerous. Thieves are always looking for the easiest target. Don’t become one of them.

What if my key broke off in the lock?

In some cases, keys and locks get damaged and that can affect how well the key works in the lock. If you’re dealing with a lock that’s got part of a key stuck inside (or the entire thing), we’ll be able to help remove the obstruction or just remove the lock and provide you with access to your home. Then, we can re-key the locks or change them out entirely, depending on your choices.

We’ll be sure to explain all of the options to you so that you know what you can do to protect your home when problems like this arise. No one solution works for everyone, so we’ll help you explore all the solutions to find what suits your needs.

*Note: If your key has broken off or is otherwise stuck in the lock, don’t force it. Stop messing with it immediately and contact professionals before you cause further damage!*

Can’t I just call the cops?

Call the cops to unlock a house. Two policemen are standing in front of the building’s entrance door.

Some people errantly rely on the police department for lockout services. While this is typically more common with cars in emergencies, it does happen with house lockouts, too. You could call law enforcement and request assistance, but you would be wasting valuable resources unless you actually felt there was some kind of threat or reason to have a police presence. Instead of calling the cops when you lock yourself out, call a professional, insured locksmith that can do the job.

Speaking of professionalism and insurance, that can make all the difference. There are so many variables involved in lock picking, rekeying, and resolving lockout situations. It takes a skilled specialist to determine the best route to a solution. They may also be subject to potential property damage or injuries as a result of their work, which is why you should never work with any locksmith that isn’t properly registered and insured.
If your home has been broken into or you’re locked out and you don’t feel safe, by all means, call the police and have them check out the scene to ensure that no one is lurking. If you just locked yourself out and you need help in a pinch, call a locksmith instead.

Get 24/7 Locksmith Services for Home, Auto, and More

House lockout locksmith services.

Our professional team of locksmiths and technicians have years of experience in their field, as well as the latest training in locks and keys to provide an array of solutions for your lock and key needs. We can handle everything from house lockout situations to things like:

  • New lock installation
  • Car lockouts
  • Garage door lockouts
  • Cabinet locks and safe locks
  • Emergency lock and key services
  • Keypad and smart lock systems
  • Deadbolts and security locks
  • And more!

Whether you’re tired of fighting with five different keys or just want to upgrade the protection of your home with newer locks, we have everything that you need. We can even offer assistance with commercial buildings and vehicles, keeping your business running smoothly no matter what incidents occur.

Our team has the latest training and expertise in the field to work with all types of house lock systems, from standard locks and deadbolts to smart locks and everything in between. When you are looking to secure your home and save yourself from a hassle-filled lockout situation, we’re ready and waiting to help. Contact us now to get the peace of mind that you deserve, schedule a security consultation, or even just get emergency assistance getting into your home.

It’s your home—you shouldn’t be the one that’s locked out of it. Call our experienced mobile locksmiths today and you’ll be back inside and on your way to a safer home in no time at all.