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11 Essential Security Tips for Retail Establishments

Security Tips for Retail Establishments

Security tips for retail establishments
Security tips for retail establishments.

Every business owner on the planet worries about retail crime.

Even if you have insurance, your out-of-pocket expenses can add up to thousands of dollars for things like property damage, loss of inventory, and business interruptions. The following security tips for retail establishments will improve your security posture.

That’s where modern security solutions come in.

By using them, you’ll keep your retail establishment safe and secure, saving you money and aggravation in the long run.

Here are the things you can do to protect your precious property from robbers, thieves, and bandits.

  1. Set Up Visual Deterrents

    Visual deterrents are things like signs and stickers that make crooks think twice about stealing from you.

    For example, you can post signs saying your retail establishment is being monitored by surveillance cameras 24 hours a day—even if it isn’t. You can also slap a sticker on your cash registers stating that cash over a certain amount is deposited into a safe that employees have no way of getting into.

  2. Teach Your Employees How to Recognize Suspicious Activity

    Let your team members know what the signs are that a robbery is about to go down.

    These are things like people suspiciously waiting for other customers to leave the store before they plunder the cash register. Another warning sign is loitering outside the establishment until a few minutes before closing time.

    Let your people know how they should act during a heist and what they should do after one occurs.

  3. Make Sure Retail Displays Don’t Obstruct Your Line of Sight

    Keep your retail displays low, so they don’t obstruct your line of sight.

    This way, you can see what everyone in the store is up to, and there won’t be any nasty surprises.

    If there are still blind spots in your store after you lower the displays, install a wide-angle mirror to monitor the area.

    Another thing you’ll want to do so you’re not blindsided by would-be thieves is to keep your windows clear. Don’t use window decorations that make it difficult to see what’s outside.

  4. Switch Up Your Routine

    You don’t want to be overly predictable when you’re taking the day’s receipts to the bank.

    Criminals often spend days watching your every move to learn your habits before they implement their nefarious plans.

    That’s why you should switch up your routine a little bit when you’re making the daily deposits. Don’t always go at the same time, and don’t use the same route.

    If possible, try to have two people make the deposit.

  5. Consider Security Gates

    You use an automatic security gate to restrict access to authorized personnel only.

    If you have areas of your establishment you want to keep off-limits to only specified personnel, consider installing a security gate.

  6. Install Deadbolts

    Standard locks are no match for a burglar with a crowbar or baseball bat.

    For more robust security measures, install high-quality deadbolts.

    This little device will substantially decrease the odds that a crook will break into your home.

  7. Keep Your Valuables in a Safe

    Retail establishments with expensive goods that stay in the store overnight need to think about keeping their valuable inventory in high-quality safes.

    Make sure the safe you select is designed for security needs and not just for fire protection. Safes should be installed by a competent locksmith to make sure they are as impervious as possible to the ravages of bandits.

  8. Install an Alarm System

    An alarm system’s purpose is to alert the cops (and you) that your business was broken into.

    You should have an alarm connected to the police department instead of just using a monitoring service.

    You might want to get a silent alarm, which is an alarm that alerts the police without the robber being able to hear it. These are most often triggered by a panic button that’s hidden underneath the counter.

  9. Use High-Quality Locks

    If you’re using conventional locks (instead of electronic ones), buy high-quality models to maintain the highest security and safety levels.

    • Push Padlocks

      Push padlocks have metal bars that act as levers and are only on one side of a door.

      To open a push padlock door, just push on the bar. These locks are popular for restaurants because they allow waiters to easily get through doors without using their hands.

      They’re also excellent choices for public access doors.

    • Panic Bars

      Panic bars are also known as exit bars.

      This kind of lock fits horizontally across an entire door. Panic bars are used in areas where many people need to get out quickly should disaster rear its ugly head.

      Individuals won’t have to worry about turning a doorknob because all they have to do to exit is to bump up against the bar to open the door.

    • Electric Strike Locks

      Electric strike locks are often used on public access doors.

      They replace the fixed strike faceplate with electronic components.

  10. Replace Conventional Locks with Keyless Ones

    If you don’t want a set of jangling keys hanging off your belt, think about switching to keyless locks.

    As you might have guessed, these are locks that don’t require a key for entry. Instead of a key, they might use a keypad and a code or pin, a card or key fob reader, touch screen, fingerprint scanner, or another form of keyless access.

    With keypad locks, you just need a specific assigned code to gain access. When you need to modify access rights, merely change the code.

    There are smartphone apps that operate many keyless entry systems. Some of them still have a keyhole to use as a backup if there’s a technological glitch.

  11. Install a Video Surveillance System

    Install cameras at all your entry points so you can keep an eye on suspicious individuals.

    Wireless cameras can be positioned in places you can’t see from the front counter.

Final Thoughts

If you want to protect your retail establishment from criminals who would rob you blind, you must invest in the right kind of security.

A competent locksmith can help you get what you need to safeguard your property.

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