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Protection to Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

Protection to Your Home

You’ll probably never make a bigger investment in your life than buying a home. It’s no wonder why protection to your home is so important. Purchasing a home security system can keep you and your loved ones safe, as well as prevent theft from your house and damage to it. If you want further peace of mind, there are other steps you can take to secure your property. Many of these do not cost a lot of money and are easy to implement.

Porch lights - natural protection to your home
Porch lights – natural protection to your home.

Keep the Lights On

Few things tell a would-be intruder that you aren’t home more than darkness on your property. A poorly lit home is an invitation to home invaders and burglars. If you want to keep people away, make sure you have a reliable lighting system inside your home and out. When you’re away and at night, keep the porch light on. Installing motion detector lighting is also a good way to deter criminal activity. If you plan on being away for several days, setting up a system that turns different lights on at different times will help keep other people from figuring out that you are gone. LED lights are much more effective and long-lasting than old-fashioned incandescent ones too.

Commit to Yard Maintenance

Keeping a well-manicured lawn isn’t just a good way to maintain an attractive property; it can also keep suspicious activity at bay. If you let the lawn grow wild, fail to cut down weeds, or have brown, dying grass, it gives the impression that no one is around to take care of it. On the other hand, a gorgeous lawn and trimmed bushes and trees tell people that your home is occupied.

Don’t Show Off Your Valuables

If a burglar is scoping out your neighborhood, your home will stand out a lot more than others if high-end, attractive items are visible. Don’t let suspicious people get a glimpse of valuable belongings. Be careful about leaving boxes and packaging materials of big-screen TVs, computers, and other expensive products in the trash. Keep bikes in the garage. Also, shut your curtains at night so that people can’t see inside your home and get a glimpse of your possessions.

Bring in the Garbage

It’s easy to forget about those big garbage cans on the curb. Once the city maintenance crew has dumped your trash, it’s best to wheel the cans back to the side of your home or wherever you store them. Leaving empty cans out by the road for more than a day is a clue to people watching your house that you’re not around. If you are planning to go for more than a couple of days, ask a trusted neighbor to take care of the cans.

Get a Dog

Man’s best friend provides companionship and fun for the whole family. A backyard pooch is also one of the best security measures you can have. You don’t even need a large, fierce-looking dog to scare prowlers away. A barking dog is a good alarm system when you are home and a deterrent if you’re not. Of course, it won’t hurt if your pet is intimidating-looking. People will be much less likely to bother trying to get in your house if you have a dog on the premises.

Having a home security system is an effective way to protect your home. If you can’t afford a system right now, or if you want additional help, these tips can keep you safe. Using one of these ideas or a combination of them can help you rest at ease at night and when you are away from your house.

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