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How Much Locksmith Cost

How Much Do Locksmith Services Cost?

People need locksmiths mainly because they’ve locked themselves out of someplace. In some more dire cases, maybe they locked themselves in. Whether you’ve locked yourself in or out, a mobile locksmith who operates locally is a friend indeed that comes to you, on-demand, with little waiting time. Of course, everyone wants to hire a competent locksmith with fair prices. That goes without saying.

So let’s dig in to how much locksmith services cost. There are many reliable websites you can research to find out prices, such as or, to name a couple. Read further for a summary of what these costs might look like, depending on your exact location and situation.

Cost of the locksmith.

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

It’s important that you know how much locksmith costs will run you. In today’s world, no one wants to hire a local locksmith, only to have a bill they cannot pay when the service is complete. While we will give you an exact price range, not some vague figures, please keep in mind that it is just a range. For locksmiths in the area, we will cover precisely what they change, from set starting fees to what they charge on the high end. However, every blacksmith will be a bit different, and an emergency call late at night is going to run more than a daytime call. The point is that rates will also fluctuate based on myriad factors.

Here are the typical rates you can expect:

Hourly Rate

For the best mobile locksmith in the area, hourly rates run from $50 to $100. This, of course, does not include any set fees. For instance, a lot of locksmith services will charge a flat fee rate of $29 or so in order to show up, whether they have to complete a job or not. They’re still traveling and thus it’s an expense. Hourly rates are to pay for labor. Lockouts in homes or automobiles will fall within that hourly range, by and large, as quality locksmiths will have the job finished in well under an hour.

Re-Keying Services

Re-keying is the process by which the pins in a lock are replaced with new lock pins. A lot get confused due to the name specifically mentioning a key, but this is all about replacing the pins in the lock. This is more affordable than changing out a lock, and more convenient since the client will not need new keys to replace. Most locksmiths charge around $20 for their show-up fee, then the price goes from there. For instance, the aggregated price is between $40 and $100 for the labor, looking at around one hour completion time. Once the trip fee and the labor is added together, the cost is around $65-$150 for re-keying services, depending on the number of cylinders.

Lockout Service Rates

Lockout services include a range of different jobs, including but not limited to:

  • Homes – houses and apartments
  • Sheds
  • Automobiles
  • Offices
  • Safes
  • And more

With a quality, affordable locksmith, the aggregate range goes from $30 to $60 for the actual job, as it generally is not billed hourly, as it’s not a job that takes that long to complete. So that rate, with the flat fee, works out to around $50 to $80 people pay on average. According to aggregate numbers from HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List and Fixr, $80 is the high end of the range, for more complex jobs, while $50 is generally for basic services.

New Installation

With a new lock installation, also known as lock changing, a locksmith is ideal for this sort of job. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the price paid for labor is likely not going to include the lock assembly itself. This is something that the homeowner purchases. So be sure to add in the cost of the new lock assembly if you’re trying to accurately budget. That said, the aggregate rates from locksmith averages puts lock changes at $60 to $150.

Whether you pay the low end or the high end depends on the complexity of the assembly. Does it fit right into the existing holes for the old lock assembly? Perhaps they have to drill new holes for a deadbolt, or do more work to the door to get a new lock to fit. This is where customers will be paying the higher end. The best locksmith services are quick, clean and effective, but all of them will charge differently based on the scope of the job.

Vehicle Key Making

Of all the things that people lose, car keys are number one on the list. Most people reading this right now have likely lost their keys before, and some never again find them. This is where a mobile professional locksmith can come in handy. They can replace your vehicle keys. If the locksmith is simply copying the key, then the charge is very low. $1 to $4 per key. However, if they have to come to you, they are going to charge that flat rate for their show-up fee, which leaves you looking at around $30.

For transponder keys, which are automobile keys providing increased security by using a small computer chip in the key, the charge is a bit more, because the process is different. The price for creating new transponder keys can be right around $145.

Automobile Key Extraction

While this might seem rare, it’s actually quite common for a key to break off inside of the automobile’s lock. While the insurance may end up reimbursing people for this sort of issue, a professional locksmith will still have to be paid at the time of the job. However, this is another area where a quality, affordable locksmith offers a fair rate.

According to aggregate numbers from sites like Angie’s List and HomeGuide, key extraction from automobiles has a range of $74 to $140. The job typically lasts right around an hour, as the locksmith has to be exceedingly careful not to damage the car’s lock mechanism while extracting the key, so it costs more than basic lockout services.

Overall, a quality mobile locksmith will offer very fair rates on any of their services. The issue here is the exact dollar amount depends on a variety of factors. However, after meticulous research on a range of job sites, we have found precise price ranges. This isn’t vague, hit-or-miss info; these prices are what you can expect to pay.

The 5 Best Benefits of a Local Mobile Locksmith

  1. Fair Rates

    The best mobile locksmith in the area is going to offer fair rates. As you can see above, the rates you will have to pay start incredibly low and thus offer a lot of financial flexibility. Many people go without a needed locksmith service for fear of how much it will cost. With the right local locksmith, these are not issues about which one has to worry.

  2. On-Demand Service

    One thing that everyone should know about a local mobile locksmith is that they can receive on-demand service, over a very large area of coverage in Indianapolis. While fees might need to be adjusted for traveling times, the gist here is that you get the services you need, at any time you need them. There is no waiting around for days on end. Quality locksmith services understand that people are in emergency situations oftentimes, and so the service is on its way as soon as you call.

  3. A Wider Range of Services

    Another added benefit of going with a local professional locksmith is that the range of services offered is superior to competitors out there. A qualified, professional service can offer lockout services dealing with homes, offices, automobiles and more; lock changes and installations; key replacements; and many more beneficial services. A proper locksmith has a lot of different levels of specialization and expertise.

  4. The Professional Touch

    While it’s something the average person in need of a locksmith doesn’t want to think about, there are too many stories out there about locksmiths who show up and the locks end up ruined, or the jobs take too long, and the service ends up more trouble than it’s worth. This isn’t the case with the right professional service. You’re getting the utmost in professionalism, dealing with experts who will fix problems, not cause more of them.

  5. Quicker Completion

    Another solid benefit here is that the jobs get done quicker. As you may have noticed about Mobile Locksmith Indianapolis LLC, there aren’t hourly rates trying to milk people for more money based on the time it takes for the job. Instead, the rates start flat and fixed. This is because professionals come in and get the job(s) done quickly, so you’re not left out in the cold (sometimes literally), or forced to pay a higher rate due to the locksmith taking too long to complete the job.

Many businesses claim that they’re professionals, offering transparency and high-quality locksmith services. Though once you look into their services, you only find vague hints about the rates they’re charging and not enough information about the services they offer. At Mobile Locksmith Indianapolis, we’re always open, upfront, and honest about what you’re going to pay, and what we offer. We want you to know exactly what to expect because we’re ready to deliver at a moment’s notice with the area’s best mobile locksmith service.

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