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If you tried various techniques to unlock your car and all failed, then your best step would be to call a locksmith to fix the issue.

24-7 Locksmith Assistance
24-7 Locksmith Assistance

Call Trained Locksmith

Call a trained locksmith to be exact. Locksmiths are trained to handle such situations and are experts at fixing car lockouts. They also possess all the necessary tools needed to carry out such procedures.

Locksmith Tools

Some of the advanced tools that locksmiths use include inflatable wedges, long-reach tools, and lock picks.

Inflatable Wedges

Inflatable wedges are much safer compared to wood or metal ones, as they do not damage the glass or the car door. All the locksmith has to do is pump it with air, and the pressure creates an opening for the entry of the long-reach tool.

Long Reach Tools

As for long-reach tools, locksmiths carry specific varieties. In fact, locksmiths even have long-reach tools for particular car models, which makes the unlocking procedure much easier. For instance, locksmiths use a long-reach tool known as Slim Jim that is fabricated specifically for the purpose of opening locks on old cars. Slim Jims are also available for specific models.

Lock Picks

Locksmiths also use lock picks to open car doors. Lock picks are advantageous because they do not involve the manipulation of the vehicle’s windows or doors. Locksmiths use an automotive torsion wrench to apply pressure on the lock cylinder and then open the lock with the lock pick.

Call Locksmith

If you ever find yourself in a car lockout, then please do not hesitate to call us 317-927-8333. Our trained team of locksmiths will make sure that your car gets unlocked in the safest manner possible.

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