How to Unlock Your Car if Your Key Gets Locked In

One of the worst things that can happen to you is getting yourself locked out of your car. How to unlock your car if your key gets locked in? Though we wish that no one ever ends up in such a situation, the chances are that you already have or possibly will end up in one soon. Things can get even more complicated, if you don’t have immediate access to your spare keys or if you need your car for an emergency situation. There is no need to get anxious as there are a few alternative ways to help yourself in a car lock out scenario. Follow these simple steps and you just might succeed in unlocking your car without the keys.

The shoelace method

Shoelaces can be used for a lot of things other than tying your shoes and one of those things includes opening your car door lock. All you have to do is make a slipknot with your shoelace and gently, push it down through the top of the car door. Once you manage to get it all the way down to the locking knob, pull one end of the shoelace string to tighten the knot around the knob. After that, you just have to yank the shoelace to pull up the locking knob, which will then release the lock on the door.

However, this method cannot be applied to all cars, especially modern ones, as they have more advanced locking mechanisms. The shoelace method is much more effective on older car models.


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