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A Guide to Auto Locksmith Services, Prices, and More – Where Are My Keys?

If you need a locksmith or are wondering about them, then keep reading. This is your guide to auto locksmith services, prices, and more.

Auto Locksmith Services, Prices, and More
Auto Locksmith Services, Prices, and More

Every year, AAA gets 4 million calls because people have locked themselves out of their vehicles. You’ve probably been through such a scenario yourself!

Things happen in life, and it’s almost inevitable that you’ll deny yourself access to your car at some point. You may feel hopeless and frustrated in the moment, but with a good locksmith, you can be on your way in no time.

Auto Locksmith Services

Locksmiths usually have a wide variety of services they provide, not just in auto locksmithing. While most of them also do residential and commercial locksmithing, we’re just going to concentrate on the auto side of things in this article.

Below are the types of services you can expect from an auto locksmith.

Car Lockout

If you’ve misplaced your keys (either left them inside your car or completely lost them), this is the service you’d use to get back into your car. This is a basic service, and you may need some of the other ones on this list.

Car Key Extraction

Unfortunately, keys can break off in the ignition of your car sometimes. But thankfully, an auto locksmith can get it out for you.

Most car key extractions should be quite simple, but it’s not unusual to see some that may take more work (and service costs) to get out.

Car Key Replacement

It’s possible to lock yourself out from the outside as well. Perhaps you’ve dropped your key somewhere unknown while out with the guys last night and this morning, you can’t find your car key to get yourself home. Or maybe you were running some errands and you’ve dropped your keys straight into the gutter.

Not only can auto locksmiths get your car doors open, but they can also replace your keys for you. Considering many cars don’t use traditional metal-cut keys anymore, this can be quite a lifesaver.

Obviously, auto locksmiths can cut you a new metal key if needed. But they can handle more complicated jobs, such as transponder fobs. No matter what the lockout is, they’ll be able to get your car door open and a set of keys in your hand, whether that’s the originals or replacements.

Ignition Replacement or Repair

As time goes on, your ignition cylinder may break due to wear and tear. You’ll realize this right away when you put your key in and it won’t budge and/or start the car.

An auto locksmith can take a look and see if they can repair it. If not, then they’ll have to do a complete replacement.

Auto Locksmith Prices

Auto locksmith prices will vary depending on where you’re located, how reputable the company is, how urgent you need their services, the time of day, and travel distance.

As you can see, there are so many factors that influence auto locksmith prices, which means we can’t give you hard numbers. However, we can give you a general guideline of what can influence prices to be lower or higher.

Locksmith’s Experience

When a locksmith’s been in business for longer than others and has a good track record, you can expect them to have higher prices than the rest of the competition.

However, just because they have more expensive prices doesn’t necessarily mean better service, so you’ll want to double-check their reputation before you use a locksmith (you should be doing this anyway).

Complexity of the Job

The simpler the job, the less expensive it’ll be. For example, a car lockout service will be cheaper than an ignition replacement job. Not only does it take more time, but it takes more knowledge and training as well.

Hardware and Locks Cost

If the auto locksmith has to provide and/or install any new parts during the job, you can expect to be charged for it. Obviously, the more parts are needed, the higher this cost will be.

Distance to Travel

To make it worth their time, locksmiths will charge a fee for traveling far distances. Obviously, if you’re in a very remote area as compared to in the middle of the city, that fee will be a lot higher.

You can expect most auto locksmiths to charge a standard service fee. However, if you’re in a distant location that’s outside of their regular service area, they may add a travel fee to cover their costs.

Time of the Day

Locksmiths will have general opening hours like other businesses; normally, that’s around 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. If you need their services during this period, it’ll be cheaper.

Outside of general opening hours, locksmiths also have emergency hours. Just like with an emergency room, you’ll have to pay more if you need their services at 3:00 am as opposed to 3:00 pm. You’re essentially paying a premium for those emergency hours.

Find a Reliable Auto Locksmith Near You

The key to lockouts is getting a reliable auto locksmith that’s close by and can respond quickly. Without that, you’d be stranded for possibly hours.

Make sure you do your research and find out which company near you has the best auto locksmith services, as well as prices and customer service. When you’re armed with this information, you’ll get through the next lockout much easier and quicker.

If you need a mobile locksmith in Indianapolis, please get in touch with us now. We’re available Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day, so you can count on us when you’re in a tight spot.

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