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Car Key Locksmith

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A Car Key Locksmith can Retrieve Your Car Keys in an Emergency

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At one point in our lives or another, we’ve been there. We’ve had our keys lost in a locked house, or left in a locked car. Vehicles can be unforgiving when it comes to retrieving keys that have been locked from the inside of the car. How can locksmiths retrieve the keys that have been locked away? There are several lock-picking methods that specialized automotive locksmiths can use to safely unlock and open your car and retrieve your keys. Duplicates of keys can be made as well, to help prevent locking keys in the car again. It’s always helpful to have a spare! Car key locksmith utilizes several hardware tools to enter any locked vehicle or home and retrieve keys. Here are a few of the ways in which locksmiths can help out in inconvenient or emergency situations.

Modern Lock Picking Tools to Safely Unlock the Vehicle

The first method a locksmith will use to unlock your car is to determine the make, model, and age of your car. All vehicles are made differently and require different types of keys to get inside. Older cars use mechanically cut or laser-cut keys, which have metal blades that can be fitted into a specialized keyhole. Specific models have specifically-shaped keyholes, and locksmiths can equip themselves with all of the detailed tools necessary.

Some of the tools locksmiths can use to try and jimmy a lock are:

  • Auto jigglers. These are flat objects with ridges and patterns similar to key blades, using generic and complex patterns that may fit into the specific shape of the car’s keyhole.
  • Slim Jims. These tools are fancy wires and flat pieces of metal that can be bent and shaped at just the right angle to jimmy a lock. Sometimes, a locksmith can find success on the first or second attempt using these small pieces of metal.
  • Torsion wrench. This tool can hold a lock’s plug or pins in place while the locksmith turns the pin or cylinder. This is typically used for more traditional locks that can be attached to houses or office buildings.
  • Auto wedges. Plastic or rubber wedges are important for when the locksmith must force the car door open. Opening a car door without unlocking it can cause it to give major resistance, and it would be very difficult to push against the car door’s torque. A wedge, which comes in various shapes and sizes, can be forced into the small opening of the door once the locksmith has managed to get part of it open. Slowly and with the use of other tools, they can create an opening wide enough to get inside. Single slope or double sided wedges are available to fit into any opening or any vehicle, no matter how big or small.
  • Auto tension tool. A slim metal device with prongs that can be used to help give tension to a stubborn door or car window. By applying pressure, the locksmith can successfully navigate through a lockout with the use of applied force. The tool is guaranteed to fit through any type of car door cylinder.
  • Slide lock tool. Using pieces of long metal or metal bent in an exact shape, locksmiths can shimmy their way into a sliding lock and cause it to easily unlock. These tools, while easy for the locksmith to use, are not acquired easily and therefore security should not be an issue or a worry.
  • Drills. These power tools can make holes in even the toughest of metals. Locksmiths do not typically drill through a car door, but there are some cases when every other tool has been expended and the locksmith is left with no other option. The drill can create an opening anywhere and everywhere, allowing for quick and easy access to the inside of the car.

Repair Car Doors and Duplicate the Keys

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After a car key locksmith has used the tools at their disposal to successfully unlock or enter your vehicle with success, they can also allow the car to be unlocked and locked again, and the doors closed without any damage. Sliding lock tools as well as wedges can be removed, and the car should return to normal functioning as soon as possible. Unless the lockout job required a last resort use of drilling, the car should be undamaged and the doors and windows free to be locked or unlocked at any time.

Once you have successfully entered the car and obtained your keys, you can ask the locksmith to make a duplicate for safekeeping. It is best to have an extra set of keys in the event that a lockout occurs. It is also good for taking extra safety and security measures as well. Locksmiths can create duplicates of any type of commonly held car key, and are knowledgeable about the manufacturer’s requirements and anti-theft protocols. Locksmiths can create security chips to be inserted into the blade of the key, so that you’ll always have a unique set of keys that can prevent your car from being stolen or broken into.

Safety Worries and Availability of Tools

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Many individuals are cautious about how easily certain locksmith tools can get the job done. Lockouts are not simple for the average car owner, but with the right tools, any car can be opened and any door forced apart. Many customers worry about the safety of their cars with the availability of such tools. Lock-picking guides show that household tools and objects can be easily shaped into means of opening locks and picking away at security measures. How do you know when it’s safe?

Locksmiths are licensed professionals and are required to undergo training in order to obtain the tools necessary for lockouts. While many of the tools appear to be simple, they are all difficult to handle unless specific training has been given. Locksmiths can identify which type of lock is installed in your car, and can therefore determine which tools are best fit to do the job. It is no easy task; vehicles have security measures for a reason!


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