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Choose the Right Door Lock for Your Home

4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Door Lock for Your Home

Whether you’re upgrading the look of your home, replacing a damaged lock, or changing locks because you are no longer certain who has a copy of the key, it’s important that you choose the right door lock. How do you do that? Here are four tips that can make the process simpler.

Engraved door lock handle
Engraved door lock handle

1. Consider the Grade of the Lock:

Home door locks are graded by their level of endurance, and the industry follows a grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 guide. The lower the grade, the stronger and more durable the lock. This speaks directly to your level of security in the home – replacing the lock on an exterior door is more primarily about safeguarding yourself and your family, and it is only secondarily about appearance.

2. The Looks:

After you consider the grade that you need, you’ll want to think about design. How does the design of the lock tie into your home’s overall appearance? Does the lock look right with the door, or would it ultimately be better to invest in both a new door and a new lock? You have quit a few factors to consider in the way of “looks”, such as the style (knob or lever), size, finish type, and decorative qualities.

3. Lever Style:

If you are thinking about a lever-style lock rather than a knob, understand that there are different function methods. Some require a simple press, while others require being turned 90 degrees, while others only need 45 degrees.

4. Combine It with a Deadbolt:

No matter what grade your door lock might be, it’s important that you add the security that comes from a deadbolt, too. You can find deadbolts that match your lock’s style, and that prevent anyone from picking just one lock and gaining access to the home.

Take your time, and choose the right lock for your home.


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