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The Most Common Reasons to Need a Residential Locksmith

Door lock with handle and key
Door lock with handle and key

Most of us don’t really put a lot of thought into the locks on our doors. We turn them when we leave the house, and when we go to bed, but otherwise don’t really worry about them very much. That is, until we have a reason to do so. When that time comes, as it does for so many people, it’s important to have a trusted locksmith to turn to.

Of course, it also helps to know more about why you might need to work with a residential locksmith in the first place. Actually, there are quite a few reasons that you might need to work with one. We’ll cover some of the most common reasons below.

You’ve Lost Your Key or It’s Been Stolen

One of the most common reasons to call a residential locksmith is for help when you’ve lost your key, or if it has been stolen. In both situations, there is the potential for someone else to use the key to enter your home without your permission – they might be intent on stealing your possessions, or they could intend to harm you or your family. Contacting a locksmith immediately is important. It ensures that you’re able to have your locks rekeyed or even replaced, and new keys made, so that the key that was lost or stolen will no longer open the door.

You’re Moving into an Apartment

Apartment number 12 on rustic blue door

Apartment living can be a lot of fun. You don’t have to worry about maintenance or mowing the lawn, the community is often enjoyable and vibrant, and there’s a lot of freedom to be enjoyed. However, there’s no telling how many other people have a key to your front door. While previous tenants are required to return their keys when moving out, that doesn’t mean there aren’t copies or extras floating around somewhere. Calling a residential locksmith can offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are the only one with a key to your front door.

You’re Moving into a New Home

You would think that moving into a new home would come with few or no security worries where your door locks are concerned, but that’s actually not the case. In fact, there are just as many concerns here as there are with moving into an apartment. Simply put, you have no idea who might have a copy of your door key.

New home construction

The builder most certainly has a master key that will let him into your home, but there’s a chance that other people have a copy, too. Flooring specialists, electricians, plumbers, drywall contractors – they all need access to homes during the construction phase, and that might mean having a key to the door. Work with a residential locksmith to replace your locks, or at least rekey them, so that you don’t have to worry about security in your brand-new home.

You’re Moving into a New to You Home

Moving into an existing home is exactly like moving into an apartment – you have no way of knowing who has a key to your front door, to the door in the garage, or any other entrance. This is particularly true for older existing homes. The older the home, the greater the chance that there are multiple copies of your door keys out there. However, even newer existing homes aren’t exempt from this concern. If you’re moving into a new to you home, do yourself a favor and have a residential locksmith rekey your locks, or replace them completely if necessary.

Your Key Is Broken

It happens – time, use and metal fatigue mean that your key will eventually wear out and break. Sometimes, this happens in the lock itself, and other times, it happens when you drop the key, or it experiences some other impact. A broken key, particularly one that breaks off in the lock, is a serious problem, especially if there’s no one else around with a key to the house. A residential locksmith can help ensure that you’re able to get back into your home and can either cut a new key, rekey the lock, or replace the lock as needed.

You’re Locked Out

Perhaps the single most common reason to call a residential locksmith is being locked out of your own home. Most of us have been there before – you step outside to pick up the newspaper, or to check the mail, and the door closes behind you. When you try to open it, the handle doesn’t turn. You’re locked out. A residential locksmith can make short work of this problem, opening your door in mere minutes.

Your Lock Is Damaged

Door lock destroyed because of burglary

Door locks are not impervious to aging, or wear and tear. Over time, they will eventually wear out and fail. It’s also possible that someone attempting to gain access to your home could damage the lock to the point that it will no longer work with your key. In both instances, a residential locksmith can help. In some instances, rekeying the lock will be the best solution, but if the damage is severe, you may need to replace the entire door handle/lock assembly.

You Want Single-Key Access

Quite a few homes have different keys for the front and back door, as well as for the access door in the garage. This can be frustrating – you have to carry not one, but three keys on your keyring just to make sure you can get into your home. There’s also a greater chance that you’ll lose one of those keys. Single-key access is definitely a better option. In this situation, you’d call a residential locksmith and he or she would then rekey all the access doors to your home so that a single key can operate them all.

As you can see, there are many, many situations where calling a residential locksmith is not just a good idea, but absolutely vital. Make sure you have the name and contact number of a trusted local locksmith, so that you can call when the need arises.


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